Current Sports | 3/22/16 | #664

Mar 22, 2016

High School Basketball State Tournament, Detroit Pistons Overview, Tom Izzo Press Conference, Erik "Doc" Love, Larry Lage, and Deyonta Davis.

Credit Charlie Riedel / AP

Today's Current Sports is basketball-laden. First, Al explores the playoff hopes of both high school teams in mid-Michigan and the Pistons out in Detroit. Then, Tom Izzo's opening comments from his press conference are worthy of a discussion about the season's conclusion between Al, engineer Isaac Constans, and a couple of callers. Erik "Doc" Love is on the show, as well, to preview the matchups that will decide which high school squads play inside the Breslin Center for a state championship. And last, an insider byte from Izzo's press conference reveals some uncertainty surrounding Deyonta Davis's future at MSU, as Izzo vehemently answers AP reporter Larry Lage to make sure that there's no misinterpretation about where Davis stands in the process.