Current Sports | 4/26/16 | #689

Apr 26, 2016

NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, Kevin Durant, Detroit Tigers, Tyler Collins, Professional Dancing, Erynn Edwards, and Detroit Pistons.

Erynn Edwards

Today, "Current Sports with Al Martin" is talking playoffs. With a comprehensive overview on the dual-sport playoff action between the NHL and NBA, Al and engineer Isaac Constans break off into a debate over Kevin Durant's new media persona, signified by last night's comments regarding Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban. Proceeding that discussion is some baseball banter, as the Detroit Tigers fast start has certainly sputtered. All the news on the Tigers side is circling around outfielder Tyler Collins flipping off the crowd, leading Al to weigh in. And after two very insightful calls, for the rest of the show, "Current Sports" switches gears to the world of professional dancing at sports events in an interview that you won't want to miss. Erynn Edwards, an NBA dancer for the Detroit Pistons, is the guest for the day, talking about the most difficult, grueling elements of her job and the most stringent regulations on professional dancers.