Current Sports | 5/12/16 | #700

May 12, 2016

Max Scherzer, Detroit Tigers, Current Sports TV Preview, Laya and Doug Hartman, NBA Playoffs, and Throwback Thursday.

Credit Alex Brandon / AP Photo

Twenty strikeouts removed from yesterday's show, Al and engineer Isaac Constans have a quite familiar Throwback Thursday episode, with former Tigers' pitcher Max Scherzer as the center of attention. After Scherzer's historic night, the screams for Brad Ausmus to be fired grew even louder, but Al and Isaac stick to their guns. Also, the NBA playoffs receive the daily review before moving on to the next college phenom. Laya Hartman, the top-ranked girls basketball player in Michigan for the class of 2020, and Doug Hartman, her dad, are this week's Current Sports TV guests. A preview airs today with Laya and Doug discussing the college recruiting process, Laya's future, and the Okemos program. And of course, the show ends with a very busy 'Throwback Thursday.'