Current Sports | 5/20/16 | #706

May 20, 2016

Washington Redskins Name Change, Popular Mascots, James Edwards, Lansing United, NHL Playoffs, Two Minutes For Ruffing, Jason Ruff, and Reflection Friday.

Credit wizfan034 / Flickr Creative Commons

Al is out of town so regular engineer Isaac Constans switches seats and Drew Hill assumes the engineer role for the day. The big topic of discussion is the Washington Redskins' name, after a Washington Post study revealed that nine of 10 Native Americans did not take offense to the term "Redskin." Does the name still need to change? Find out what Isaac thinks, including why public opinion only scratches the surface for consideration. Then, James Edwards, sports reporter for the Lansing State Journal, is in studio to talk all sorts of sports, spreading from his hometown roots of Flint to the Lansing United soccer team. Directly proceeding that, it's a flashback segment, as former production assistant Jason Ruff rejoins the show to catch us up on hockey happenings. And finally, the week ends with a look back during "Reflection Friday."