Current Sports | 5/25/16 | #709

May 25, 2016

NBA Playoffs, Oklahoma City Thunder, Golden State Warriors, Best Team Ever, Diamond Classic, Le'veon Bell, and Super Bowl Locations.

Credit Bryan Cedeno

On today's "Current Sports with Al Martin" just when you thought the NBA playoffs couldn't get any crazier, the Oklahoma City Thunder go and pull out another huge win. What has gone wrong with the Golden State Warriors? Al and engineer Isaac Constans answer that, but throw in that there's another important consideration that seems obvious yet is being overlooked. However, the 73-win Warriors' status might already have flown the nest. Callers keep the conversation going with new insights on the series going the way it has. Going local, Al remembers his time at the Diamond Classic with quotes from the winning coaches. Then, Al and Isaac go against Le'veon Bell; find out for what. And finally, what recently announced Super Bowl destination would you traverse?