Current Sports #541 | September 4, 2015

Sep 4, 2015

Michigan vs. Utah Takeaways and Evaluation, Jim Harbaugh, Mason vs. Eaton Rapids Recap, Curtis Blackwell, Michigan State vs. Western Michigan Preview, and Reflection Friday.

First and foremost, the Michigan vs. Utah game is reviewed and Al and Isaac view the performance very differently. How was Jim Harbaugh's coaching and game one and does this result foreshadow a good season for U of M? Then, Al and Isaac give their takeaways from the Mason-Eaton Rapids game that took place last night. And in case you missed Current Sports TV last night because of the return of football, there's a snippet of the interview with Curtis Blackwell in the show. Next up is a Western Michigan-Michigan State preview before the week is looked back on with 'Reflection Friday'.