Current Sports #558 | October 6, 2015

Oct 6, 2015

Lions Football, Calvin Johnson Fumble No Call, Al Manfroni, Michigan State Club Football, and Mark Dantonio Press Conference Takeaways.

Welcome back, Detroit Lions. In typical, expected fashion, the Lions failed to triumph over the Seattle Seahawks in a 13-10 game with some curious refereeing. While Al and Isaac agree that the fault lies only in the Lions' den for the loss, they also provide insight on the problem with such missed calls. Then, it's more football, after Michigan State's club team defeated Ohio State 45-0 over the weekend. Al Manfroni joins Current Sports to describe his team's progression. The show closes with more Michigan State football, this time D-1, with Al and Isaac offering their takeaways from the latest Mark Dantonio press conference.