Current Sports | 6/15/16 | #723

Jun 15, 2016

Ron Mason Funeral, O.J. Simpson 30 For 30, Bicycle Wars, Kalamazoo Slain Cyclists, and John Calipari.

Credit Andrew Currie / Flickr Creative Commons

The week of remembrance continues, as Ron Mason's funeral is set. Al brings quotes from some of the most recognizable members of the community to the show to remember. Then, O.J. Simpson's trial has been revived by an ESPN 30 For 30. Al critiques the show and reveals how it modernizes the episode. Then, engineer Isaac Constans mourns the deaths of five cyclists in a preventable Kalamazoo collision. Isaac, a cyclist himself, replays the incident and offers steps for preventing future loss. Finally, Al and Isaac give their takes on John Calipari's comments regarding coaches' roles in player comments.