Current Sports | 6/22/16 | #728

Jun 22, 2016

Preferential Treatment for Athletes, Alabama Football Players Get Off, Lebron James, Michigan Amateur Golf Tournament, U.S. Men's Soccer, and Detroit Tigers. 

A shocking statement from Louisiana District Attorney Jerry Jones ostensibly revealed preferential treatment for two Alabama football players. Al and engineer Isaac Constans dissect the quote and its validity, in agreeance that it shows an ugly underbelly to the legal system. Then, it's time to play fair or foul as Lebron James sent out a tweet with grammatical mistakes. Are haters really going there now? Al also brings up Michigan State golf as he was at the Michigan Amateur Golf Tournament where several Spartan coaches and players were teeing off. And finally, it's a role reversal as Al leads the soccer discussion surrounding the melancholy showing of the U.S. Men's National Team in the Copa America, and Isaac gives the story of the Detroit Tigers last night.