Current Sports | 6/6/16 | #716

Jun 6, 2016

Rest in peace, Muhammad Ali.

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Today's "Current Sports with Al Martin" revolves around the greatest sports figure of all time, Muhammad Ali, who passed away Friday night at the age of 74. Ali changed the game of boxing, but he was the definition of transcendent. Looking only at his fights would not do justice to his impact and aura. Therefore, Al has a bevy of guests join today's show to describe the enormous role that Muhammad Ali played in their lives, as he unsurprisingly struck them from all different angles. First, Ali Easley, head trainer for the Crown Boxing Club in Lansing, starts the show by describing the mold that "The Greatest" had on the sport of boxing and even kids today. Then, Rob South, former reporter for WKAR, tells of his lunch and interview within Ali's Michigan home. Following that, Bob Every, hall of fame boxer and chairman of the Greater Lansing Sports Hall of Fame, gives numerous accounts of the generosity of Ali that he witnessed on a firsthand basis. Finally, Scott Pohl of WKAR's Current State describes his brief run-in at the O'Hare Airport, and what he gleaned from their brief encounter. And while neither Al nor engineer Isaac Constans met or witnessed Ali in action, they eulogize him to the best of their ability. Rest in peace, Muhammad Ali.