Current Sports | 7/26/16 | #749

Jul 26, 2016

Big Ten Media Day, Athletes and Activism, Michael Jordan, Jeff Grayer, Seth Kinker, Michigan Football, and Denzel Valentine.

The excitement of Big Ten Media Day is in the air. Al gets to the comments and expectations for the University of Michigan football team as Jim Harbaugh once again drew all the eyeballs at his press conference. Before that even, Michael Jordan has made his mark on the recent racial problems in the country, donating money to two organizations designed to mollify the tension. Al speaks to that. Also, Jeff Grayer, a former NBA player from Flint, joins the show to talk about the life of a professional and giving back. Then, Current Sports' own Seth Kinker is on for a brief wrap-up of the Big Ten Media Day action. And finally, the third guest of the show, Denzel Valentine is on from an earlier interview from his first ever pro camp.