Current Sports | 8/10/16 | #760

Aug 10, 2016

RIP John Saunders, Detroit Tigers Bullpen, Health of the Tigers, Jordyn Wieber on Current State, and The Olympics.

Credit Sherry Bass-Pohl

Beginning today is the news of yet another sad death in the sports community. The famous ESPN personality John Saunders, 61, passed away, leading Al and engineer Isaac Constans to remember their memories and brief encounter with the legend. Then, it's onto much less serious matters. The Detroit Tigers staved off defeat for 14 and a half innings last night but eventually gave in to the Mariners. Al and Isaac weigh the team's chances at the playoffs going forward and add in what might stop them. And with the Olympics fever sweeping through the country, it's only right to play a Current State throwback of Mark Bashore's chat with DeWitt's Jordyn Wieber. Finally, Current Sports production assistant Seth Kinker gets back on schedule with his daily Olympics update.