Current Sports | 8/11/16 | #761

Aug 11, 2016

Prince Fielder Retirement, Detroit Tigers Losing Streak, Andre Rison, Micajah Reynolds, and Olympic Update.

Prince Fielder is officially done, forced into retirement from baseball. Al and engineer Isaac Constans reminisce on his career as a baseball player and as a member of the Detroit Tigers. The retirement a perfect segway into the next topic, Al and Isaac reevaluate the Tigers' playoff positioning after a sweep to the Seattle Mariners. From there, former Michigan State lineman Micajah Reynolds is on the air for an exclusive interview previewing the MSU season and reviewing his own career after his graduation. He provides one of the most honest and open takes on the perceived Michigan State disrespect from anyone affiliated with the team. And finally, as has been the case with every seasonal show, Current Sports comes around with an Olympic recap featuring Seth Kinker.