Current Sports | 8/19/16 | #767

Aug 19, 2016

Detroit Lions Preseason Game, Marvin Jones, Calvin Johnson, Ryan Lochte, Brett Kast, Olympic Update, and Reflection Friday.

Credit Dave Lawrence / Flickr Creative Commons

Al is out of town, but just a day away from the weekend, the sports don't stop. Regular engineer Isaac Constans takes over the show for the day, while Drew Henderson assumes the engineer rule. Isaac rants and rips on Lions fans and compliments the players who impressed in the opening preseason game. What provoked Lions fans into jeers and what were the positives that should be highlighted? Isaac also retells the story of the month, with Ryan Lochte's official issue of an apology possibly shedding a final light on the issue. Then, Brett Kast, former Current Sports production assistant and current weekend sports anchor at WPBN TV in Traverse City, gives the overview of sports in that area, including Olympic athletes abroad and preparations for college football. Finally, the second-to-last Olympic update of the year reviews the highlights of yesterday while 'Reflection Friday' looks back on the entire week.