Current Sports | 8/4/16 | #756

Aug 4, 2016

Michigan State Football, Little Brother Complex, Michigan Football, Coaches Poll, Omari Sankofa, Detroit Tigers, and Throwback Thursday.

Credit Steven Depolo / Flickr Creative Commons

On today's "Current Sports with Al Martin," another Fox Sports radio host caught the ire of the Michigan State faithful. After Colin Cowherd called Michigan State a "shadow" program in comparison to the University of Michigan, Al and engineer Isaac Constans square off over his word choice. The conversation leads into an even bigger matter of issue concerning the states of the two programs. Then, Omari Sankofa, contributor for Sports Illustrated's "Campus Rush," joins the show via phone to discuss The Basketball Tournament, a revolutionary event offering $2 million to the victor. And ending the show, it's baseball time as JD Martinez returned for the Detroit Tigers in memorable fashion. That leads into a historic flashback with 'Throwback Thursday.