Current Sports | 8/8/16 | #758

Aug 9, 2016

The Olympics, Michigan Media Day, Alex Rodriguez, College Football, Weekend Winners, Michael Phelps, and NFL Hall of Fame.

Alex Rodriguez is officially hanging 'em up. Al remembers the famed and often disdained third baseman's career and answers whether or not he should be a Hall of Famer. Then, Al and engineer Isaac Constans talk about their takeaways from Michigan's media day and debate the importance of the gathering. And speaking of the Hall of Fame, Brett Favre and Tony Dungy both gave emotional speeches following their induction into the NFL Hall of Fame. You can hear them right here. After a long wait, the Olympics have begun. Current Sports' own Seth Kinker has the wrap-up of the biggest names and notices. Finally, "Weekend Winners" provides the best that you might have missed from the last two days.