Current Sports | 9/19/16 | #783

Sep 19, 2016

Michigan State vs. Notre Dame, Tyler O'Connor, Detroit Lions, UM Football, Jay Vincent, and Weekend Winners.

Credit Wikimedia Commons - Goodbar73

On today's "Current Sports with Al Martin" football fans in Michigan certainly had some highs and lows this weekend. Al touches on both MSU and UM games this weekend, where both sides prevailed but showed potential chinks in the armor. Engineer Isaac Constans and Al next spark up a conversation on what Tyler O'Connor's role should be for MSU. Also, what happened to the Detroit Lions this weekend? Then, the featured guest of the day is Jay Vincent, former MSU hoops great who just published a book on his career and post-vocational struggles with the law. Finally, "Weekend Winners" ends the show on a high note, with the best that you might have skimmed over.