Current Sports | April 11, 2017

Apr 11, 2017

Final Game at the Palace of Auburn Hills; Farewell Season; Moe Wagner; DJ Wilson; NBA Draft Class; Mateen Cleaves.

Credit Ken Lund / Flickr Creative Commons

On today's "Current Sports with Al Martin" if yesterday's nostalgia wasn't strong enough, there's more on cue today. Directly following the final game at Joe Louis Arena, the Detroit Pistons took to the Palace of Auburn Hills court for the last time time last night. Despite the loss against the Washington Wizards, it was a cheery mood of remembrance for most of the day. Al goes through his scrapbook of memories and stories from the Palace--prompting callers to do the same. They do and explore the difference between the Joe and the Palace, but despite the nostalgia, Al and engineer Isaac Constans describe why the move had to be made. Meanwhile, two players could be saying their farewells to Ann Arbor, as both DJ Wilson and Moe Wagner declared for the draft. Was it the right decision? Al and Isaac differ in their responses, but leave the door open. Finally, hear some fresh takes on the Mateen Cleaves case in accord with the reopening of the trial.

Episode 913