Current Sports | April 5, 2017

Apr 5, 2017

Detroit Tigers Season Preview; Early World Series Chances; Baseball; Tournament Officiating; Detroit Pistons Playoff Hopes.

Credit Courtesy / Flickr/Ken Lund

On today's "Current Sports with Al Martin" the weather might hint otherwise, but it is in fact baseball season. The Detroit Tigers are 1-0, coming off an impressive opening-season win over the Chicago White Sox yesterday. However, before over-analyzing the first of 162 games played, Al wants to look at the big picture: can the Tigers win the World Series this year, or in the near future? Al and engineer Isaac Constans share different outlooks, but there are plenty of similarities in what they think stands in the Tigers' way. Then, a caller wants to evaluate the NCAA tournament refereeing from a different standpoint, and everyone is all-ears. Hear why there might be a much-needed solution to questionable, even if correct, refereeing. Also, the Masters looms, and early bets are taken. The final talking point revolves around the Detroit Pistons, which sit 2.5 games out of the playoff picture. Al and Isaac say the situation is the same it has been for weeks, just more dire.

Episode 909