Current Sports | August 21, 2017

Aug 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse; Scott Pohl Lansing Lugnuts; Detroit Lions Preseason; MSU Football; Bill Feraco; East Lansing; High School Football; Ohio State Buckeyes.

Credit Courtesy of NASA/SDO / PBS

A total eclipse will darken American skies today, and you already know, "Current Sports with Al Martin" has that covered. In Al and engineer Isaac Constans' first time on the show together since last Monday's thousandth-episode special, they discuss plans for the solar eclipse. But then the Detroit Lions burst in, eclipsing any sort of astronomical news. Although the Lions' last game against the New York Jets was another preseason match-up, it provided a lot of room for thought. Al airs out his takeaways and again explains why he detests preseason football. Detroit wasn't the only  team on the gridiron this weekend, though. Current Sports brings a bite from Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio before swinging over to the high school scene. Bill Feraco, coach of the East Lansing High School football team, calls in to kick-off a week of prep football preparation, when each day, "Current Sports" will be visited by a local high school coach. Feraco readies listeners for Friday night's action that will open up the season. And as Al gathers more information about the solar eclipse from WKAR's Scott Pohl, live at the Lansing Lugnuts game, Isaac returns with the answer to a caller's question about Ohio State.

Episode 1005