Current Sports | August 30, 2017

Aug 30, 2017

Jim Harbaugh; Michigan Football Roster; Matthew Stafford Contract; Detroit Lions; Gus Ganakas; Jud Heathcote; NBA News; MSU Football Depth Chart.

Credit Brad Muckenthaler / Flickr Creative Commons

It's the first day of class at Michigan State, and we are just days away from football. Here on "Current Sports with Al Martin," all the latest developments are brought to light, including the fresh release of Michigan's football roster. Al revisits how coach Jim Harbaugh has managed to remain the center of attention for so long. Then, Al targets Detroit Lions fans for a lesson about paying players. As quarterback Matthew Stafford received the richest contract in NFL history, Al critiques the detractors of the deal, bringing stats, memories and comparisons on why he is deserving. Engineer Isaac Constans defends that view by breaking the structure of the NFL down. Then, WKAR reporter Scott Pohl is on site to present his interview for former Spartan basketball coach Gus Ganakas. In the interview, Ganakas answers a few poignant questions about the recent death of his colleague and friend Jud Heathcote. Scott then remembers some of his own encounters with Heathcote, including some funny moments. Fast-forwarding to present times, the final segments have Al and Isaac touch on the NBA before giving their takeaways about the depth chart for Michigan State football.

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