Current Sports | December 13, 2017

Dec 13, 2017

Isaac Constans' Final Day; Callers; Tribute Segment; The Ball Family; Geoff Kimmerly; MHSAA; Thomas Kithier.

Al Martin, left, and Isaac Constans, right, emcee MSU's homecoming parade.
Credit Amanda Pinckney / WKAR

Well, it was quite a ride. Engineer Isaac Constans is behind the glass for one last time on "Current Sports with Al Martin," and the special show features a few unforgettable moments and memories. Before getting into the sappy stuff, Al addresses the latest controversy with the Ball family. LaVar Ball, the father of now three basketball players, was asked to "tone it down" by Los Angeles Lakers' GM and Lansing's own Magic Johnson. After a string of indiscretions, is Ball going flat? Next, callers flood in to show an outpouring of support to Isaac. Isaac, who has been with WKAR for close to four years, is graduating from Michigan State and will study abroad in the spring. Lots is made of his New Orleans origins. Then, the MHSAA has entangled itself in some controversy after ruling MSU basketball commit Thomas Kithier ineligible for his final year of high school basketball. To answer some questions from the MHSAA side is Geoff Kimmerly, media and contact coordinator. Is Kithier transferring schools for athletic reasons all there is to him being suspended? Kimmerly responds. Ending the show, Al crafted a package depicting Isaac's time at WKAR. A fitting tribute to a long friendship, the two exchange parting messages for listeners before signing off.

It's not good-bye, though, but more of a "see you later." Isaac encourages any WKAR listener to reach out on Facebook, Twitter or by contacting the show to recieve his contact information.

Episode 1077