Current Sports | June 20, 2017

Jun 20, 2017

Donald De La Haye; NCAA Restrictions on Student-Athletes; NBA Draft; NBA Trades; Detroit Red Wings; Petr Mrazek; NHL Expansion Draft; MSU Recruiting.

Credit Courtesy photo / MSU Athletic Communications

It's a tried and true concept on "Current Sports with Al Martin" that college athletes should be paid. Today, that's put to the test, as UCF kickoff specialist Donald De La Haye was given the ultimatum: stop making Youtube videos or stop playing football. Host for the day, Isaac Constans, is revolted by the NCAA's harshness and goes off in an impassioned diatribe. Hear what De La Haye is charged with, and hear segments from his Youtube videos, as well as why the NCAA is wrong in interfering. Current Sports intern Jacob Herbert airs out his thoughts on the matter. Next, it's onto another entity that might be making a mistake. The Detroit Red Wings have their protected players list scrutinized before the draft, with one big name missing. Jacob and Isaac agree that asset management was poor from general manager Ken Holland. With another draft around the corner, catch up on the latest NBA news before the show ends featuring the introduction of two new players to MSU football.

Episode 962