Current Sports | June 28, 2017

Jun 28, 2017

Phil Jackson; New York Knicks; Chris Paul; Houston Rockets; NBA Superteams; High School Football; Lee Vickers; Recruiting.

Lee Vickers (left ) and Current Sports host Al Martin.
Credit WKAR

What offseason? On today's "Current Sports with Al Martin," basketball is the central topic with big breaking news on the court. The New York Knicks cut ties with president Phil Jackson, a sign of the times for the struggling franchise. The firing leads Al to question the 11 championships that the former Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers coach won. Engineer Isaac Constans calls Jackson's faults systemic in basketball. Immediate reactions to the news of Chris Paul's trade to the Houston Rockets are also heard. Onto another offseason, high school football is hardly in a break period. Lee Vickers, youth football coach and founder of Varsity Nation, describes the summer sessions that young athletes endure. Vickers also sheds some light on the topic--and often problem--of recruiting from a young age. A caller brings the show to an end by bringing up the superteam expansion in the NBA.

Episode 968