Current Sports | June 6, 2018

Jun 6, 2018

Lou Anna K. Simon Testimony; Larry Nassar; John Engler; Demetric Vance; Donnie Corley; Josh King

Credit Courtesy / MSU Football

On this episode of "Current Sports with Al Martin," Al takes the show in a more emotional direction for the day as he plays sound from the testimony of Lou Anna K. Simon and from the sentencing of three former Michigan State football players. Simon, the former president of MSU, testified before a U.S. Senate panel on Tuesday, giving her statements on the handling of the Larry Nassar scandal by the university. In the second segment, Al discusses the sentencing of Demetric Vance, Donnie Corley, and Josh King; the three former MSU football players were charged with sexual assault and kicked off the football team last summer.

Episode 1193