Current Sports | March 3, 2017

Mar 3, 2017

MSU Women's Basketball; Big Ten Tournament; Zachary Swiecicki; MSU Men's Basketball Preview; Reflection Friday.

Credit Courtesy photo / MSU Athletic Communications

On today's "Current Sports with Al Martin" Sparty has a busy weekend coming up. MSU women's basketball is advancing in the Big Ten Tournament, and Current Sports is as good as there. Al introduces his thoughts, but then brings the in-person element on when Zachary Swiecicki, on-site multimedia reporter for Impact Sports, describes what is going on in the tournament. Next, Al and engineer Isaac Constans try to look into the crystal ball for the Michigan State men's game this weekend, as they hit the road to play Maryland. Predictions and analysis, everything that you need to get ready for the game is here. Finally, after an interesting summation of NBA MVP candidate James Harden, 'Reflection Friday' rolls the show through until Monday.

Episode 886