Current Sports | May 19, 2017

May 19, 2017

NFL Overtime; Donte Hudson; International Basketball; James Moore; S.W.A.P. Meet; Reflection Friday.

Michigan State University alum Donte Hudson poses while in China. Hudson is playing overseas, trying to make a roster spot in the National Basketball League.
Credit Donte Hudson

On today's "Current Sports with Al Martin," yet another impending change could be coming to the NFL as owners will be voting on changes to the overtime rule next week. The change would shorten the extra period by five minutes, causing team's to explore changes to their strategy. Engineer Isaac Constans also gives some tips for bicycle etiquette before heading out for a week to have his wisdom teeth removed. Later on in the show, Al welcomes on Michigan State alumnus and professional basketball player Donte Hudson to discuss the former Spartan's journey that has led him to playing internationally in China.  Donta was gracious enough to call  at 1am (China time) just hours before he was scheduled to get on a team bus and head to a new location. Hudson and Al discuss the differences between the style of play in China and the United States as well as some of the former NBA stars who have also made the trip overseas to play. Al ends the show with week three of "The S.W.A.P. Meet with James Moore." With all of the recent high school and college graduates making their way to the next level, the former MSU football great, now motivational speaker, provides advice as they enter the next chapter in life. "Reflection Friday" ends the hour as summer interns Jacob Herbert and Carina Garcia join the show to remember their first week working with Al and Current Sports.

Episode 941