Current Sports | November 6, 2017

Nov 6, 2017

MSU Football; Penn State; Brian Lewerke; Saquon Barkley; Dr. Murray Howe; Gordie Howe; Weekend Winners; Lions-Packers.

Credit Al Martin / WKAR

Stealing the show today is Michigan State kicker Matt Coghlin. On "Current Sports with Al Martin," it's amazing what one kick will do, but MSU's last-second defeat of Penn State merits more analysis than one play. After paying due plaudits to Coghlin, Al digs deeper into the game and what swirled around it--Big Ten implications, coaches' quotes and consequences that were overlooked. Engineer Isaac Constans is quick to praise the usuals, but also branches out and names one MSU player who caught his eye, even if no one else's. Production assistant Casey Harrison also describes the pandemonium at Spartan Stadium, as Al has no shortage of adjectives for the weather-delayed affair. Breaking away from football, the legend of "Mr. Hockey" Gordie Howe lives on.  A year removed from his father's death, Dr. Murray Howe penned a book entitled "Nine Lessons I Learned from My Father." As only a son could do, Murray Howe tells to Current Sports childhood stories of his dad and how his dad shaped his winding yet successful career path. The remembrance carries specific stories and an overarching message. Then, production assistant Caitlyn Ploeg describes how Gordie Howe is venerated still in her household. Moving on to the closing segment, "Weekend Winners" draws Detroit Lions predictions from Al and Isaac.

Episode 1052