Current Sports | November 7, 2017

Nov 7, 2017

Magic Johnson Announcements; HIV; Julian Mitchell; MSU Women's Basketball; Deunta Williams; North Carolina; Football Injuries.

"My Breaking Point" by former University of North Carolina safety Deunta Williams.
Credit Deunta Williams

Inside the doors of the Breslin Center, history is being made. And yet, "Current Sports with Al Martin" today starts off by focusing on the history already made in basketball and society when on this day in 1991, MSU basketball legend Magic Johnson announced his retirement from the NBA because of HIV. Al lays out how the event changed the perception in society of those affected. Moving onto modern days, MSU women's basketball has started off the year on fire. Julian Mitchell, women's basketball beat reporter for Impact Sports, deals out his thoughts on how the team is shaping up. Despite the early success, why are the players so fed up? Next, engineer Isaac Constans delivers a report on a big move in the NBA, and then the show is carried to its end by one compelling guest. Deunta Williams was a big prospect at UNC before a career-ending injury derailed his dreams of playing pro. And yet, Williams pushed forward, recently publishing a book, "My Breaking Point," on his trials during recovery. He also sheds light on the UNC academic fraud situation and explains the tense reality that athletes encounter every day.

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