Current Sports | November 8, 2017

Nov 8, 2017

College Football Rankings; Michigan State Football; College Football Playoffs; Matt Marks; No Shave November; Men's Prostate Cancer Awareness.

Credit Flickr - Susan

In a very November-esque show, "Current Sports with Al Martin" breezes through some of the big annual occasions. Starting off the chilly day, Al blows through the college football playoff rankings--and yet they don't fall. Is the new selection committee onto something and finally nailing down the top four teams? Al wades through the rankings for each  team and tests their resumes. Engineer Isaac Constans hops to the defense of one team, and makes a pretty bold statement regarding the committee. A caller calls in to talk Michigan State specifically, and Al gladly obliges. Then, it's onto an issue that touches the sports world and beyond. November is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and efforts have gotten underway to fight for men's health. Al and the guest for today, Matt Marks, both have personal connections to prostate cancer, and explain their stories. Matt, a representative for the Grow And Give Campaign, shares the simple ways to make a difference and to root out cancer in your own household. While no one likes a trip to the doctor, a check-up could be life-saving. To complete the show on a humorous note, a caller offers up a funny moment from the Michigan State-Penn State game from the past weekend.

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