Current State for November 11-12, 2017

Nov 10, 2017

On the November 11-12 edition of "Current State": you'll hear from Lansing mayor elect Andy Schor and Jackson mayor elect Derek Dobies.  Rick Pluta updates us new efforts to allow the carrying of weapons in more public places in Michigan. We talk about the meaning behind MSU Men's Basketball's new "We Talk. We Listen" t-shirts. We talk with a Michigan man who wrote about the experiences of a Vietnam veteran. And a blind film critic explains how he experiences movies in the theater. 

Michigan couple killed in Texas church shooting - reported by Ben Thorp of WCMU Radio

Michigan Senate looks to allow concealed guns in schools - reported by Rick Pluta

Lansing elects Andy Schor its new mayor - interview by Brooke Allen

Jackson elects Derek Dobies its new mayor - interview by Reginald Hardwick

Climate Change Theatre Action - reported by Scott Pohl

We Talk. We Listen. MSU Men's Basketball t-shirts - discussion with Current Sports' Al Martin

Michigan author Doug Stanton tells the story of Vietnam, Tet and its Aftermath - reported by Peter Whorf

Vietnamese Adoptees search for parents - reported by Reginald Hardwick

Lake Superior no longer the clearest - reported by Dan Kraker, Minnesota Public Radio

Watching Movies with 'The Blind Movie Critic' - reported by Jamie Paisley