Democratic candidate Mark Totten makes case for Attorney General

May 9, 2014

Michigan Attorney General candidate Mark Totten.

Democrat Mark Totten was among the first to announce his candidacy for statewide office in this year’s elections. He threw his hat in the ring to become his party’s nominee for Attorney General almost a year ago.

Totten is is an ex-federal prosecutor in the nation’s capital and a graduate of Yale Law School, where he also earned a Ph.D in Ethics. He currently teaches criminal law and ethics at the Michigan State University College of Law here in East Lansing.

He recently picked up a competitor for the Democratic nomination in, veteran Detroit civil rights attorney Godfrey Dillard. Both candidates have suggested they are especially eager to unseat Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette.

Totten lives in Kalamazoo with his wife and two children. He tells Current State that he wants to give Michigan an Attorney General who keeps families safe and never lets politics get in the way. He says Attorney General Bill Schuette has used the office to please the very far right of his party.