Detroit News pollster: months of campaigning haven’t moved the numbers

Nov 7, 2016

Election Day is Tuesday, and much of the news coverage has focused on the polls. Should it be? We discuss the numbers in Michigan and how all of this works with Detroit News pollster Richard Czuba.

After close to two years of campaigning, the 2016 election is tomorrow. Polls show Hillary Clinton is likely to carry Michigan over Donald Trump, and we’ll find out tomorrow if they’ve been accurate.

The polls have made us curious about how polling works, so Current State’s Scott Pohl talked with a leading Michigan pollster. Richard Czuba does public polling for the Detroit News, and his lengthy and diverse resume includes time doing private polling for then-Gov. John Engler.

Czuba says the Detroit News has been polling the presidential race in Michigan for a long time, and despite the efforts of both campaigns, the numbers haven’t moved much.