Detroit Zoo will turn poop into power with new biodigester

Apr 24, 2015

The Detroit Zoo has launched an online crowdfunding campaign to raise funding for a planned biodigester.
Credit Detroit Zoo

There’s a lot to see at the Detroit Zoo: polar bears, giraffes, and crocodiles. But there’s also a lot that you don’t see, like all the poop from those animals. So, what happens to the animal waste from those lions and tigers and bears? At the Detroit Zoo, it could soon be turned into electricity.

The Zoo is currently raising money for a brand new biodigester to capture the leftover energy in its animal waste.

Current State’s April Van Buren speaks with Gerry Van Acker, the Zoo’s Chief Operating Officer. He said that while poop might not be the first thing on your mind during a visit to the zoo, it’s a really important part of the zoo’s day to day operations.