Dispensary owner, activist respond to MI pot proposals

Sep 12, 2016

Many Michigan supporters of medical marijuana are hailing new regulations passed by the state Senate. They would allow both retail dispensaries that sell pot and so-called medibles. We talk with MI Legalize attorney Jeff Hank and Willie Rochon of the Michigan Cannabis Development Association.

After years of confusion, policies aimed at regulating medical marijuana in Michigan have taken shape. Last week, the state Senate passed two bills that would, among other things, legalize and clarify rules about marijuana dispensaries and medibles, foods containing cannabis that some users prefer to smoking.

Michigan’s 2008 Medical Marijuana law did not clarify many aspects of legalized medical pot. That led to a confusing patchwork of regulations and enforcement approaches by municipalities and law enforcement across the state.

Current State speaks with Willie Rochon, who runs a marijuana dispensary in Detroit called the Michigan Wellness Group. He’s also a member of the Michigan Cannabis Development Association, an organization of dispensary owners who worked closely with legislators crafting these measures. We also talk with Jeff Hank, an East Lansing attorney and longtime marijuana activist.  He’s the leader of MI Legalize, the ballot effort to legalize marijuana in Michigan.