‘Dracula’ draws blood at Charlotte cider mill

Oct 7, 2015

Watch your neck! We speak with Vlad himself as well as the resident director of the Andromeda Community Theater about their upcoming performance of "Dracula," which is taking place at The Country Mill.

October is upon us now and you can certainly see an uptick in the number of pumpkins and spooky decorations around Michigan. The Andromeda Community Theater in Charlotte will even be putting on a production of the classic Bram Stoker tale of "Dracula" for the next couple of weekends.

The performances will be at The Country Mill, the apple orchard and cider mill just off I-69 to the north of Charlotte. According to director Andrew Hipkiss, this "Dracula" production will also be utilizing some of the current Haunted House display found at The Country Mill.

This isn’t the first non-traditional staging they’ve put on. The Andromeda Theater’s most recent performance of "To Kill A Mockingbird" took place in a Charlotte Courthouse.

Current State’s Jamie Paisley attended one of the troupe’s final rehearsals to talk with Hipkiss and with Vlad himself, Erik DeLongchamp.