Drain Commissioner Lindemann on clean water challenges, opportunities

Jun 9, 2014

Ingham County Drain Commissioner Pat Lindemann
Credit Stacy Hoxsey / WKAR-MSU

Pat Lindemann has served as the Drain Commissioner of Ingham County for 21 years. He's a Lansing native who’s spent his entire life in the area. As Drain Commissioner, Lindemann’s responsible for the operation of Ingham County storm drains and related issues including lake levels and soil erosion.

Lindemann has earned a reputation as an environmental advocate. That’s put him at odds with developers, entrepreneurs and municipal officials eagerly pursuing business development. It’s also put him at odds with taxpayers who foot the bill for drain and other infrastructure projects.

Nonetheless, voters returned him to office in 2012 for the fifth straight time, after deflecting an extraordinary primary challenge from longtime County Commissioner Mark Grebner.

Current State speaks with Lindemann about a number of issues, including the Montgomery Drain Project.