East Lansing honors immigrants with 'peace pole'

Sep 16, 2014

East Lansing mayor Nathan Triplett
Credit Courtesy photo / City of East Lansing

The city of East Lansing is taking time tomorrow for a special acknowledgement of the contributions of immigrants and refugees to the community. Beginning at 8:30 a.m., officials and guests will celebrate the unveiling of a ‘peace pole’ at the intersection of Abbot and Albert Avenues, downtown.

The pole is meant to be a reminder of the contributions immigrants and refugees from around the world have made to our area. It’s part of East Lansing’s ‘Welcoming Week’ celebration, which runs through the weekend.

Current State talks with East Lansing Mayor Nathan Triplett and East Lansing resident Siham Biladi, who immigrated to the United States from Syria nearly 4 decades ago. Today, she has deep roots in both Syria and mid-Michigan, in part as owner and proprietor of Silver and Beyond, a retail jewelry and luxury goods gallery in downtown East Lansing.