For Easter, waxing nostalgic for an egg-cellent Polish artform

Mar 24, 2016

Looking for a new way to decorate Easter eggs? Pysanky eggs use an old method to create intricate designs with wax and the etching of eggs. We take a dip in the Federated Polish Home of Lansing.

With Easter coming up this weekend, the season for egg decorating is certainly here. But there can be much more than just a piece of plastic or fiddling with those cheap wire dipping mechanisms.

Just as the beginning of Lent brings the Polish fried dough of Pączki, the end of lent brings another difficult to pronounce P-word: Pysanky.

Current State’s Jamie Paisley went to the Polish Home Federated of Lansing to speak with Pat Krasinski.

Here's a slideshow of the Pysanky eggs.