Effort aims at restoring parts of Flint River

May 3, 2016

Water infrastructure isn’t the only thing getting restored in Flint. There’s also a multi-million dollar effort to upgrade and restore Flint’s riverfront. Government and non-governmental participants are collaborating on the Flint River Redevelopment Project.

Flint’s Hamilton Dam, rated by state officials as a 'high hazard critical dam.' A coalition involving government and the community is working on a Flint River Restoration Plan to remove it.
Credit Courtesy photo / Flint River Corridor Alliance

Government at all levels continue to address the daunting challenge posed by lead tainted water in Flint, but there are other initiatives involving the Flint River.

Genesee County, state and local officials are working with a local advocacy group on the Flint River Restoration Project, which aims to update and revitalize the river’s banks and nearby areas. It includes the removal of an aging, unsafe dam, the remediation of an old auto manufacturing site and efforts to make the Flint River more visually pleasing and accessible.

Current State talks with Amy McMillan, Director of Genesee County Parks, and Janet Van DeWinkle, head of the Flint River Corridor Alliance.

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