Efforts To Block New Road Through Ormond Park Continue

Jul 10, 2017

UPDATE AT 1:05 P.M.: Ingham County circuit court Judge James Jamo has signed a restraining order temporarily blocking work on a new road through Ormond Park in Lansing to the Groesbeck golf course.

Peter Wood is a board member of the Friends of Ormond Park. He filed the motion for the restraining order granted by Judge Jamo. Wood says in the meantime, both sides will marshal evidence to support their cases. He says his group will appeal to the Michigan Environmental Protection Act as offering relief to Ormond Park.

As the Lansing city council considers the propriety of building a new road to the Groesbeck golf course through Ormond Park, opponents of the project vow to continue their fight against it.

Some trees have already been removed from Ormond Park, and a playset with a climbing wall has been taken down. This morning, a small group of members of the Friends of Ormond Park gathered to convince workers not proceed. As of 8:30 a.m., just before heavy rains arrived, there was no sign of a work crew.

Merry Stanford of the Friends of Ormond Park says they haven’t promised not to interfere with workers. "What we are saying to begin with," she explains, "is to win their cooperation. We are bringing coffee and donuts and being friendly and kind. We'll do what we need to do if work commences anyway."

Tonight, the Lansing city council committee of the whole plans to start investigating the possibility that a road through Ormond Park was added to the 2015-2020 parks master plan AFTER a public hearing in March of 2015. In the meantime, they want work halted.