Experts convene in Lansing to rethink education funding

May 22, 2014

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Among all the issues facing American education, such as school choice, assessments, teacher evaluations, chronically low-performing schools and others, funding closely impacts all of them. 

Today in downtown Lansing, Michigan State University’s Center for Education Policy is holding an afternoon conference featuring notable education experts.

Current State’s Mark Bashore spoke with two key participants, starting with Paul Reville. He is a professor of Educational Policy and Administration at Harvard University and was the Massachusetts’ Secretary of Education when the state became the best in the nation in various educational measurements. And the second was Robert Floden, an organizer of today’s gathering who serves as co-Director of MSU’s Center for Education Policy.

Floden says the 1993 "Massachusetts Model" is a combination of that state's commitment to high standards and to provide adequate resources.