Faces of Flint: Hispanic Center meets needs of undocumented immigrants

Apr 13, 2016

Our "Faces of Flint" series continues with the story of the Hispanic Technology and Community Center in Flint. We hear from volunteers working to keep the center running to meet the community’s needs.

What is life like in a city where tap water is toxic? That’s the question we’re exploring in our "Faces of Flint" series, produced in partnership with Michigan State University journalism students. We’re bringing you the stories of Flint residents as they navigate day to day life in the midst of the city’s water crisis.

Today, we take you to the Hispanic Technology and Community Center in Flint, where volunteers are helping the Hispanic and Latino community get the resources they need.

Their story is reported by MSU journalism student Kelley Waterfall.

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“Faces of Flint” is jointly produced by MSU journalism students studying with MSU Associate Professor Geri Alumit Zeldes and the Current State and WKAR TV staff.