Fifth Day Of Nassar Hearings Sees More Calls For Accountability

Jan 22, 2018

Monday marks day five of former MSU doctor Larry Nassar’s sentencing hearings in Ingham County. WKAR’s Katie Cook has more.


On Monday, more than 30 additional victims of Larry Nassar took their turns giving statements about their sexual abuse at his hands.

Taylor Livingston was a gymnast at Geddert’s Twistars gymnastics club, and was 13 years old at the time Nassar abused her.

"What you have done you can never erase. I have found a little bit of peace knowing that the rest of your life all you will be doing is rotting. But I find more peace knowing that one day you're going to die. And when you do your pain will not subside," she said to Nassar.

After talking about the suffering Nassar caused her, Livingston called out all those she feels are responsible for the harm he has done.

"This sad excuse for a man is not the only one who is to blame for all of this, though. Everyone who knew and hid it, everyone who continued to allow this man, knowing full well what he was doing is to blame. MSU, USAG, and any staff member of Twistars or any other facility that had the knowledge of or even heard rumors that should have been investigated are all to blame."

When the sentencing hearings began last Tuesday, the court expected to hear from 88 victims, but the number has continued to grow every day. At last count, 144 statements will be heard before Nassar is sentenced.