Film chronicles remarkable life of R. Buckminster Fuller

Oct 21, 2013

Dymaxion No. 4 is in Madrid, Spain. The Dymaxion was proposed as the first flying car.
Credit Noel Murphy Productions

R. Buckminster Fuller has been called the grandfather of the modern green movement.

He’s best known for his geodesic dome, the self-supporting soccer ball-like structure. Less well known is his work on a car called the Dymaxion.

It was a three-wheeled vehicle that resembled a teardrop, and could carry a dozen people.

Filmmaker Noel Murphy has made a documentary called “The Last Dymaxion: Buckminster Fuller’s Dream Restored”. He’s on the MSU campus for a screening of the movie tonight at the MSU Library.

Murphy says Fuller saw "way into the future", and in many areas. They include housing, education, food, shelter, and redistribution of world resources.

Murphy will talk about his film at 6:30 p.m. tonight in the North Conference Room on the 4th floor of the MSU Library.