“Flint Fresh” to bring better nutrition to neighborhoods

Jul 26, 2016

The food truck phenomenon in America is often seen as a novelty, literally a vehicle to offer specialty cuisine or as a mobile culinary classroom, but a new truck getting ready to roll in Flint is at the heart of a much more basic mission. Current State’s Kevin Lavery reports on the impending debut of “Flint Fresh.”

As the city of Flint continues its slow recovery from its lead tainted water crisis, a new project is aimed at improving nutrition in the city. As in many urban cores across the country, there are pockets of Flint that may be classified as food deserts: places where socioeconomic factors make it difficult for people to access fresh food.

Current State’s Kevin Lavery reports on an effort to resolve some of those issues. Flint Fresh is a collaboration involving many local farmers, community gardeners and non-profit groups. There’s also some research coming out of Michigan State University that’s helping to guide their work. The goal is to create a much more sustainable food system in neighborhoods where residents have little or no grocery options.