Flint Mayor Says Lawsuit Against Snyder Still Possible

Apr 25, 2018

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver says a possible lawsuit is still in the works against Governor Rick Snyder’s administration following the end of free bottled water in the city.

Earlier this month the state announced it would stop providing the free water to Flint residents saying that 90 percent of water samples taken in the city are now below the federal action level.

Weaver says although plans for a lawsuit were spurred by the end of free bottled water, it’s just one of many factors that could be included in the suit.

“We’ve talked about the reputation to the city, we’ve talked about property taxes having gone down during that time." Weaver says. "We’ve talked about civil litigation, and the list goes on. So it’s about more than just bottled water.”

Weaver says she plans to meet with attorneys as soon as Friday.  

Wednesday marked the fourth anniversary of what is considered the beginning of the Flint Water Crisis.