Flint Residents Protest At Capitol On Water Crisis Anniversary

Apr 25, 2018

Four years is too long to go without clean drinking water. That was the message of a busload of Flint residents who marched in downtown Lansing Wednesday. Capital correspondent Cheyna Roth reports.

They carried signs that said things like “Declare Flint a disaster area.” Some carried a large coffin made out of cardboard that said R-I-P Lead Kills.

About 100 people from Flint don’t want the state government to forget that – even years later – Flint is in trouble.

Lela McGee-Harvey lives in Flint.

“We hurt in our city. But we will not stop fighting. That’s why we’re here. No justice!" McGee-Harvey said.

Governor Rick Snyder stopped giving residents free bottled water this month. Recent tests show the water is safe. But Flint residents say they don’t trust him – or the water. Not until all the lead pipes are replaced.