Friday May 4 is Clean Commute Day in Michigan

May 3, 2018

Governor Snyder and Lansing Mayor Andy Schor have officially proclaimed Friday May 4 as Clean Commute Day in the State of Michigan and City of Lansing.

Clean Commute Day is a regional competition between Greater Lansing, Grand Rapids, Southeast Michigan, and Southwest Michigan. Each region is competing for the title of Michigan's "Cleanest-Commuting Community."

“Citizens are encouraged to use a clean transportation mode to get to and from work or for any trip you would normally take in your car by yourself,” says Chloe White, Clean Commute Options Coordinator at CATA. “Really the day is about improving our environment and helping our state’s air and trying to lower the ozone and carbon dioxide pollution.

“So even though one region will win the title, everyone in the state really wins.”

Clean Commute Day will be celebrated from 4 to 7 p.m. Friday at UrbanBeat Event Center in Lansing’s Old Town.

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