'Genealogy Roadshow' - Season 2

Jan 29, 2015

Tuesdays, February 3-24 8pm on WKAR-HD 23.1 | Follow a diverse cast of participants on an emotional journey that uses history and science to uncover their fascinating family stories. 

Credit PBS / PBS

Genealogy Roadshow combines history and science to uncover fascinating stories of diverse Americans in and around St. Louis, Philadelphia and New Orleans.  Each individual’s story links to a larger community (and in some cases, national) history, to become part of America’s rich cultural tapestry. 

The show stars genealogists Kenyatta D. Berry, Joshua Taylor and Mary Tedesco and features participants with unique claims and storylines, including a woman seeking to find out if she is descended from the infamous pirate Blackbeard; a pair of sisters exploring connections to a survivor of the legendary Donner party; a man hoping to recover essential family history that washed away in Hurricane Katrina; and a man learns that the event that drove his family to the City of Brotherly Love changed the course of history.

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